Your First Visit

We want your first visit to be a smooth as possible. Please arrive 15 minutes early to make sure all paperwork is complete. Make sure to bring a copy of insurance card (if filing through insurance), as well as a driver's license or another form of identification. You can Download Forms and bring them with you. We will need a complete medical history as well as a complete medication list including dosage for you records. At Proehlific Park Physical Therapy, we value your time and make every effort to run on schedule. You should expected to been seen by your appointment time, give or take 10 minutes. If we are more than 10 minutes late you should speak to our receptionist.

During your first visit, the physical therapist will take a thorough history, perform an examination to evaluate your signs, symptoms, and limitations and form a plan of care specific to you to address your injury. You will be instructed in a home exercise program and/or other treatments on your first day of physical therapy. Our therapist will make every effort to answer your questions and educate you on the plan of care and expected recovery course. Treatment usually last about 1 hour. Our goal at Proehlific Park Physical Therapy is not keep you in physical therapy but to return you to your active lifestyle as soon, and safely as possible while minimizing risk of reinjury. This time frame will vary greatly depending on the injury/surgery itself, your past medical history and your compliance with your home exercise program.