• “This (dry needling) therapy is nothing short of amazing. The results I have seen from only 2 treatments is great!! I am so glad that I am with a therapist that is utilizing these alternative techniques. Thanks Chad!!”
  • “Chad and Shelly are amazing!! After mpfl reconstruction and additional surgery (manual manipulation) I was stuck at a plateau with my quad refusing to fire…. several visits in, I have already seen amazing progress!! This team is truly the “dream team”!!!!”
  • “I began seeing Chad and Shelly in August for a reoccurrence of pesky plantar fasciitis, which hadn’t flared up in years. I was gearing up for an ultra marathon and had greatly increased my mileage without replacing my shoes (just buy new shoes, folks). Chad and Shelly worked on my foot and calf and have me back to my regularly-scheduled life. I appreciate that they don’t guilt patients into coming, recognize the cost and value of their services, provide at-home exercises and stretches, have flexible appointment schedules, have coffee and are just awesome folks. Chad and Shelly have experience and compassion and will get you back to your normal activities. Thanks!!”